Warning when reading given for meaning and vice versa instead of incorrect

if you’re speeding through a review stack (and despite being almost definitely the slowest leveller on the whole of wanikani, I can still get through 100 reviews in about 7 minutes) you don’t always notice the banner color.

it would be nice if instead of it being marked incorrect when it asks for a meaning and you type a reading or vice versa; if it just shook like it does when you give an on’yomi for a kun’yomi and provide a warning.


May I interest you in a Userscript?
(They’re addicting, though, so use with care.)

I also used AdBlock to remove some of the buttons, in case you’re interested in that as well.

The downside is that there’s no way to fix a typo or something like that if you’re speeding through reviews and you skip the message that the answer was wrong because of it.
(It’s happened to me a few times, at that point you just take the L and move on.)

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The functionality you are asking for was recently added to the Double-Check userscript.


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