Warn about incorrect hiragana in answer

I frequently miss vocabulary reading questions due to carelessly typing in the wrong hiragana in vocab that contain hiragana. That’s not even a matter of memorization or learning, since they’re right there in the question. I think WK should warn you when your answer doesn’t match the non-kanji part of the question and give you another try instead of just marking it wrong.

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I have typed いますぎ instead of 今すぐ a couple of times and that’s extremely frustrating :frowning:

There’s a script that will do that for you. Though now that I look, it says it’s unmaintained.

Of course, the override script could effectively achieve the same thing. You’d just have to be more careful to not abuse it.

WaniKani is unlikely to make this an element of the default site, seeing as they list “undoing an incorrect answer for any reason” as one of the things that don’t need to be posted in feedback at this point.


I get it, but at the same time my suggestion would be to just slow your roll and be more careful. It will pay dividends in the long run.


When I mess up okurigana, there’s a decent chance my brain defaults to the wrong reading at first glance (e.g. 気つぐ instead of 気づく), so leaving the answer wrong may help correct that.

I’d still recommend memorizing them. You won’t have the okurigana floating in front of you when speaking, after all. Depenging on your study style and goals though, it might not seem worth it for you at the moment :man_shrugging:


I think this what you’re talking about is a feature of either Flaming durtles or Tsurukame, (can’t remember which now ?) but I guess it’s important to remember the ofurigana too!

I definitely feel like the Double-Check script does this but I’m not sure :thinking: I remember this happening every once in a while. Or maybe it’s Tsurukame…

I may not be actively maintaining it anymore, but it still works for me and I’m kinda back, so if there’s issues let me know and I’ll have a look.
No promises though.

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Has been working fine for me too.

Well the stock market just crashed so…

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