Sugestion to gamification on wani


A suggestion.

Why the wani kani dont give some chances to users instead the red screen ?

For example: 下
when I type ‘か’ instead した, could the screen get some color or get some levels, give another hints.

I feel when I get another chance, I´m forced to dissect the subject or create new personal mnemonics.

The same when I type one hiragana wrong. We could force our brains to look for the right answer through some tips or new mnemonics, create a little gamification on this …

I do think that WaniKani can be a bit harsh sometimes - it often tells you to type in a different reading if you used the wrong one, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to do that. But you can click on the tab to see the details of the radical/kanji/vocab if you get it wrong.

I feel it’s kind of necessary to get the hiragana 100% correct, but it can be annoying sometimes when typing out certain words such as onna「おんな」, where you may forget to double tap n, typing おんあ instead. This isn’t really a problem with WaniKani though, just with how romaji input is on computers. It’s just something you have to get used to, and in the long term, getting a radical/kanji/vocab wrong won’t be that big of a deal.


@maccrow, there’s no real punishment to getting answers wrong. You jsut get to review them again sooner. Usually if I get answers wrong, when the review item comes back around, I try again. I usually only look at the answer if I’m completely stumped, which happens sometimes with new items.

@UntitledName, you can use the Override script for typos. That’s what I do.


It’s more an issue of kanji (which have multiple readings) versus words (which usually only have one reading).

So if you have, for example, the kanji 車, it has the readings しゃ ( as in 車庫) and くるま ( as in 車椅子), but the word 車 only has one reading and it’s くるま.

Likewise with 下 and its readings – it can’t be read as か when it’s a word by itself (as far as I’m aware of).


This looks so useful, thanks!

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