A minor design suggestion for the character pages

Instead of

why not

I always have to hover over multiple times because it’s so small and I want something bigger so that it’ll burn it in my head better (for visually similar characters)


I must say, I do not see any drawbacks with this.

Looks great

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Looks… Spicy


I’m all for this. Such a small modification but big impact.

I’ll chime in for larger kanji! Also, Spicy! Or Dry even!
(Check Asahi beer label for clarification)


Definitely looks better ^^


I got your back

[edit: not the same as your suggestion, made it awhile ago - but bumps kanji/vocab in general around the site]

Yes! This would be so helpful, especially with more complex kanji or when trying to study visually similar kanji.

@komocode, have you considered tagging Viet? Apart from userscripts, none of us can do much about this. Though I am totally onboard :slight_smile:.


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A tiny nitpick for me…

The “9” now feels in the way. I’d keep the level number where it was. Maybe even make it smaller… I just don’t like it there between the kanji/radical/vocab and the English meaning. (And readings that would be there on kanji and Vocab pages)… That way, all the relevant information can be seen in one glance - better for visual learners.

how do i tag him?

@viet , that’s how.

Hello Viet.


Simple idea, yet big impact and no drawbacks. I support this!


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