Wanikani website is slow

Just lost connection twice during a session of about 70 reviews. Worked ok a few hours ago.


I am still getting timed out every 10 or so reviews.


same here :confused:

Good to know this isn’t my internet :sweat_smile:

I’m noticing Flaming Durtles keeps telling me it has issues connecting with WaniKani. I wonder if that’s related.

I would think it is. My scripts have problems loading their data.

I noticed the same thing with Flaming Durtles, it worked after a few minutes though.

I’m about to jump into a review session, so I’ll see how it is.

Edit: Can confirm disconnection, reached 31 reviews and it needed refreshing

I had two disconnects within the span of 20 minutes today, but thankfully it was a short review session (only 40 cards) so I only lost a couple minutes.

Yeah, I had one five minutes ago, and now another one after 8 reviews.

Edit: And then after another 8…

i’ve been having issues today as well while doing a lesson a few minutes ago. made me repeat some cards.

third try with reloading doing 40 reviews…

I feel ya, but it’s possible, I promise.

I started doing 70 half an hour ago and finished them all five minutes ago. Annoying? Yes. Doable? Still yes.


Having issues here too! Slowly ploughing through my 55 remaining reviews :persevere:

I’ve gotta get through 228… woot

I just got through 71 reviews without any disconnects, so peace may have returned to the temple!

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Are things better now for everyone?


Yes it is better now. The problem disappeared sometime yesterday.


Yes, things are better but I can only speak for myself.

Hey, get back in durtle heaven!

* scurries back to his durtle hole *