Wanikani Vocabulary Sort?

I feel like there may be a script for this but I couldn’t find it.

What do you guys think of a better Wanikani dictionary/searchability? What I mean by that, when you click the “Vocabulary” button at the top of the wanikani homepage, there is another option for a “dictionary” kind of thing where you can sort by part of speech?

Example usage
“Boy, Wanikani verbs sure do wreck me every time”

Level unlocked
Verb (maybe even sort only 他動詞 or 自動詞?)
Now study only the most recent verbs.

Or even

Other - things like suffixes, prefixes, etc.

For items that have multiple part of speech types, just have them in multiple lists. Thoughts?


I recommended something similar to this a while ago: being able to search by categories like adverbs, na adjectives, transitive verbs, etc. People liked the post, but I never got any feedback :man_shrugging:


Sounds interesting! Unfortunately I am not so tech savvy that I could attempt to this. I would definitely like to be able to search based on part of speech, though!

(Edit) Remarkably @jprspereira 's thread was only closed yesterday!

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I’m sure it would be doable via a script, but it’d be much nicer to have it as a regular feature, like JP said.

Maybe I’ll try building something like that some day though - unless someone else beats me to it :wink:

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Ha, my programming ability stops at Microsoft Excel (I mean I guess it COULD be done in excel but ewwww).

Whether its via a script/API or integrated, it would be cool to have!

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