It is possible to filter only certain type of words (parts of speech)?

Hello everyone. It’s my first post here, so please cut me some slack of I’m doing something not in the right place or make any other mistake.

When learning different things, I like to organise some concepts (or words) in some way that allow me to repeat something in a way that I feel might be useful. I always do that when I learn anything.
Here, I would love to have an option e.g. to filter all VERBS that I learned so far (or at least all VERBS that are in WaniKani, sorted by levels), so that I could then take those verbs, at them to my piece of paper that I sometimes review outside of WaniKani. This way I can have a look at different verbs, compare them against each other, have a look at ones that might have a similar to even exactly same meaning. The same would be useful e.g. to do with adjectives etc.

Is there a way in WaniKani to somehow get a list of the verbs I’ve learned so far (and only verbs)? So far I’ve been:

  1. going to
  2. searching (with the browser search function) for "to " and then going from the top I get level by level the verbs.
    It’s not ideal, but works… However, it’s not that easy with other parts of the speech.

Thanks so much in advance!

The first thing that comes to mind is just copying all the stuff from wk stats and then regexing out all the words that don’t end in one of the verb ending hiragana. I take it you were hoping for a less work intensive process, though

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parts_of_speech is inside the API, so probably [Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector can do this somehow.


The Item Inspector author here. There are two ways to get items based on part-of-speech with Item Inspector.

1 The Advanced Filter can be configured to filter based on part of speech.

  1. The optional filter called Part Of Speech can be enabled and the Part Of Speech filter becomes available.

Option 2 doesn’t currently work with the upcoming kana only vocabulary items. If you want them use the Advanced Filter. Here is the procedure:

  • Install Item Inspector and go to the settings,

  • Go to the Tables tab

  • Add a new table with the new button. Name it the Part of Speech table with
    the Edit Table Name field.


  • In the Filters tab scroll down to the Advanced Filter.


  • Click of the checkbox and on the Click button.


  • I the Item Type field select Vocabulary and Kana Vocabulary… In the Search In field select Part of Speech, Unselect the other options.


  • Type your part of speech in the Search Terms box. You may hover over the Search Term title bar to disply the accepted part of speech search terms.



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