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I was just wondering if anyone has made a spreadsheet or any other kinda of list that categorizes the items in WK by parts of speech (noun, adj, verb, etc).

I’ve found that my brain is way too good at compartmentalization. So when I’m trying to generate Japanese sentences I tend to forget to use all the words that I’ve learned from WK and only use words that I’ve learned in other contexts. For instance if I try to list the verbs I know in Japanese, few of the ones that I have learned here would appear on that list, unless I also learned them elsewhere, and when I get towards the end of my list, I’d still be more likely to start pulling out obscure ones that I only kind of remember, before the WK ones would pop into my mind, unless I actively think about WK and consciously try to think of verbs that I have learned here.

This is so bad for me that I’ve actually looked up how to say something online when I was having issues and the perfect word that I’m looking for is like a level 2-3 WK item that I have a 100% record for getting correct.

Side note concerning me being level 03 (click to read): TLDR = I've recently reset my account

Yes I’m currently only level 3. However if you look at my profile, I have been a member of this site since 2013 and have been ‘learning’ Japanese on and off for over ten years. Every time I get towards the end of “beginner level” something big happens in my life that completely kills my Japanese studies for months, or even a year at a time, and I have to start over again. I’ve been much more aggressive with it as of late, not allowing too much time to pass before restarting my studies and thus losing less of my progress than previously. I’ve restarted my WK account, I think 4 times now, with around level 15 being the highest level I achieved. I was 10 before my latest reset.)

If no one has made a list like this yet, I would like to make one up so I can start practicing pulling the WK words into my lexicon to ensure that I am using them regularly enough for my brain to naturally drawn upon them when I am “free styling” (generating sentences on the fly).

If anyone else is interested, let me know, and I might make it a google spreadsheet so others can add to it as they gain levels.

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I don’t know if the “part of speech” information is included in the WK APIv2, but if it is, you can save a lot of time and just write a script to scrape this.

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:cry: If only I were a scripter…

Oh and happy cake day! ^ _ ^

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