WaniKani vocab vs Core 10k vs Expansion Pack

Core 10k is here, and breakdown by WaniKani level. [Anki]
Expansion Pack is here – [Vocab] WaniKani Expansion Pack v1.0 - 1/13/2016 - Now on Memrise!. [Memrise] – I assume this one is pulled from common words in EDICT/ jisho.org

If you don’t want to use Anki, you might probably do the expansion pack (Memrise). Another one worth noting is iKnow.jp

See more… – The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

I analyzed the overlap between WaniKani and Core; and also compare with JMdict / tangorin.com data. (JMdict is an update of EDICT)

I also analyzed “Common words,” but in my experience, I do have to know beyond Common words, but rarely beyond JMdict itself.

The analyzed workload is here.
Overlapping between Core 10k breakdown and WaniKani - Google Sheets

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⇑ The ones I missed out not doing the Expansion Pack.
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