Core 6000 not included in Wanikani


I’m looking for core 6000 vocab that are not included in wanikani.
I’m planning to study this type of vocab in order to speed up the process of my learning.

Any guidance please ?

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Don’t be afraid to learn things covered in wanikani, outside of wanikani. Just pick up an anki vocab deck and study it, without being worried if it is or is not included here.


I believe (free now, soon to become subscription based) has a Core 10k deck with tags on what items are in WaniKani. Theoretically that would let you set it to ignore all items in WaniKani so you can just focus on items you won’t learn here.


Torii has a mode to learn only vocab not found on Wanikani. That’s also from the 10k list.


I would like to practice the 80/20 Rule

I can’t find the core 10k on

Create an account and then click the second link in my post.

I don’t think you understand what the 80/20 rule is. If you study things here, and elsewhere, you will learn them faster in both places and possibly acquire a more nuanced understanding. You are not spending twice the time/effort to learn the same thing. Also, the thing about language is that you’ll need to expose yourself to the exact same words/grammar/letters countless times. You are not going to get very far if you obsess over efficiency.

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I tried many times but it stuck at “loading reviews”.
Any help please?

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