Wanikani Vocab to JLPT (N4) Comparison

Hello everyone,

Has anyone done a comparison / analysis of the JLPT N4 from any Vocabulary lists (I know there are no official ones), against what associated Wanikani level that vocabulary is learned?

The sort of thing I’m talking about would be adding an extra column to this page and showing the Wanikani level at minimum:

The perfect incarnation would be showing this sort of view (from wkstats) but instead of kanji, vocab against JLPT level:

I’m keen to have some data to benchmark where I’m at and not keen to manually check the 700 words of wanikani vocab.


EDIT: Found what I was after following a bit more searching:

Original post (see bottom of post): https://community.wanikani.com/t/jlpt-vocabulary-vs-wanikani/15693


A slight tangent from the topic of your post but have you seen this WaniKani vocab expansion pack on Memrise? It seems to cover a lot of the ‘level 100’ items.

I haven’t. I used Memrise quite a while back but it didn’t stick, how do you find it? Haven’t tried any expansion packs. Mainly using textbooks like Genki II to cover grammar that Wanikani doesn’t otherwise.

I think Memrise is another okay SRS tool to supplement learning of a language but I wouldn’t personally use it as a primary resource. I used it for a while for French and didn’t like how much of the review / test content was clicking tiles rather than memorising and then typing out in full.

I like that someone has put together a pack to compliment the WaniKani levels though and thought I’d use it as I go up the levels for some extra vocab on any days I’m feeling particularly masochistic :rofl:.

I’ve just start using Minna no Nihongo to learn grammar but considered Genki as well.

I’m not sure if you’re aiming to take the N4 soon, but if you are here’s a little off-topic encouragement!


I passed N4 when I was around level 10 and I feel like WK had prepared me decently for the vocab. I studied additional vocab using N4 prep books too of course, but WK was super helpful in passing the test. Kanji/vocab was the only thing I was actually confident about! Since you’re at level 15 I would imagine you’ll do well! I know you posted looking for a specific resource, so feel free to disregard this post if it’s irrelevant.

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Thank you for the kind and inspring words! 頑張りましょう!

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