Different Learning Sets for JLPT

I’m taking the JLPT N4 this December, and although Wanikani has been working wonders on my kanji development, I feel somewhat unsettled that a lot of what I’m learning isn’t going to be on the JLPT.

I get that Wanikani’s learning system is designed, so that the characters that are easiest to write are went over first, so the user can get familiar with kanji before jumping into more practical vocabulary. However, with the JLPT only one month away, and Wanikani being such a useful resource for learning kanji and vocabulary (at least for me), I feel like there should be lesson sets specifically designed for the JLPT that the user can switch between. Item cards should carry between JLPT sets and Wanikani sets, so nothing is repeated. This could be detrimental to overall learning experience for Japanese kanji, so it could be really drilled in that the Wanikani sets are highly recommended, or the JLPT sets could be locked unless there’s a JLPT test within a month or 2.

What does everyone else think?

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Wanikani is not specifically a JLPT learning tool. It’s purpose is more specifically to teach you kanji in such a way that you’ll remember it easier. In other words, it’s point is to teach kanji in a less painful way.

I think it could’ve been a good JLPT study resource if you had started sooner, but at this point, I would go ahead and use flashcards for the N4 specific kanji.

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Check out renshuu.org. it has premade sets of vocab, kanji, and grammar practice. it is also free! You can make your own sets of flashcards and it uses a sort of srs system. I am taking the jlpt n4 this december too and it is what I am using to get my vocab up to par. In terms of grammar and listening it is… a bit better than Wanikani (as it exists) but I am looking for a different source for those. That being said it is still well worth looking into!


If I’m reading the chart correctly (someone please correct me if I’ve got it wrong) a WK acolyte can learn over 95% of the N4 kanji by WK level 15, and close to 99% by WK level 18, conceivably in as little as four months. I’m not sure a JLPT pathway is necessary, though we could all wish for more time.


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