WaniKani User Deletion

WaniKani user deletion is now live! While we’d love it if everyone who made an account would want to stay forever, we know that sometimes you need to delete your account. Whether it be because you made an extra one by accident, or you need to remove all traces of yourself from the internet, or because you want to make us cry, we get it. And now you don’t have to email us to get it done!

As with the recent User Resets function, all you need to do is go to your settings and click on the Danger Zone. Read through the instructions and say goodbye forever.

Here are the basics to account deletion:

  • Your account and all of your progress will be permanently deleted.
  • Your email will be removed from any/all of our WaniKani-related mailing lists.
  • If you have a paid subscription, it will be canceled and your billing information will be deleted.
  • If you contributed to the community discussion boards (here), your account will be made anonymous. That means we will remove any identifying information from your account and give it a random, anonymous name. Any posts you made will still exist, but will instead be associated with that anonymous account.

And a reminder:

If you delete your account and then decide it was a mistake no one can get your account and data back for you. It’s gone forever, even to us. Don’t delete your account unless you’re absolutely sure it’s what you want.

So I guess you’re all free now. Bye bye.


Thanks! If I ever decide to go underground I can do it now. Much appreciated. :blush:


Will we have a way to tell when an account becomes anonymous or will we only see the random name you give it and have no idea?

And because it’s all I can think of now…


After freeing us Kristen walks in slow motion off into the distance never to be seen again.

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The username pattern is anon{random generated numbers} for anonymized users.


And on the seventh day The Crabigator invents death


What if someone with lifetime deletes his/her account and sometime later decides to come back?
Would lifetime be recoverable?

Attack on Titan Season 2 got weird.

If they have lifetime they shouldn’t delete their account if they plan on coming back.

Edit: Or better yet, if you have lifetime please never delete your account, that’s a huge waste of lifetime.


Unless you’re on death row and will be sent to the chair tomorrow. Even then, consider resetting your level and donating your WK account to an orphan in Pyongyang.


I’m not planning on deleting mine, I’m just curious about the extent of lifetime :fire: :crabigator: :fire:

There are no orphans in Pyongyang (unless you count the children of visiting western pig-dogs). Kim Il-sung is a father to all children born into the glorious and ever-victorious supreme motherland.


It’s so tempting. I guess I’ll just do it.


I’m just curious, are you going to block new users from starting their username with “anon” so that it’s obvious who the anonymous users are?

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The point of anonymizing in this use case is to separate the user’s identifiable information from their Discourse account after WK account deletion. Having an active discussion user who happens to have ‘anon’ in their name isn’t a concern.

But we should be blocking it anyway to avoid existing username conflicts. So, yes, new users won’t be able to create names which fit into the pattern.


Kim Il-Sung is anagram for U Sing Milk


@viet @anon20839864
Lots of new dangerous features being added lately (that I won’t need to use probably)

Anything else exciting in the works?

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More freedom


There have been some suggestions recently about being able to skip certain items. How about this for a feature:

On the info page for every item there is an ‘ignore’ button which allows you to skip that item. However, every time you push it there is a 1/4,242 chance that your level is reset to a random number and a 42/1,000,000 chance that your account is deleted.

Yeah, you’re really in the dangerzone now, mofos.