Wanikani app reliability

I’d like to use Wanikani app, but how safe is it? I mean it’s not an official app. Is it totally safe to use it? What about sync and stuff like that, wont my WK account get messed up or something? Does Koichi approve of this app?

I use the Android app daily - the author constantly does updates to it and it uses your API key to communicate so you’re not risking any stolen account info or anything like that - all the heavy lifting is done on WaniKani’s servers

I can’t speak for the iOS app but I hear it’s basically the same thing but without the constant updates

I use it on my i5 daily. It’s pretty freakin’ great. Vouch for it.
Other things the author has published: http://ky.is/wanikani
Seems like a pretty cool guy, tbh.

Eh, Walnut, the author has stopped supporting WaniKani Mobile for android (although it does work like a charm). However,   I think some people will be picking it up again.

Damn really? Just goes to show how often I go visit that topic

It’s still a fairly feature complete app at least

It works fine for me, and when it stops I’ll chip in to maintain it if I can. :slight_smile:

WaniKani for Android app is great, even though it’s not actively supported any more.

I’d pay for an iOS app that could do what WK for Android app does – as far as ignore button, reorder, etc. I typo a lot on my Android phone, so it’s nice to ignore the ‘fat finger’ ones.

I don’t do any reviews on my iPad because of typo fear, haha. Gonna miss that when I move back to an iPhone this fall.

Yeah, I rely heavily on the mobile app on my android phone and on my tablet – it’s so useful to be reminded of reviews in my status bar – and it syncs pretty constantly so you’re not going to mess up your WK account at all.