WaniKani User Resets

WaniKani user resets are now live! No longer do you need to take the time to type out an email and send it in to us. No longer do we have to manually reset all of you one by one. Now you can reset yourselves!

Just go to your settings then click on the Danger Zone and read through the instructions.

We hope that allowing you to reset yourselves will be more convenient and less stressful for everyone. Though you’ll still need to confirm everything via email and go through a couple steps so nobody ends up resetting their account by accident.

And as a reminder here (even though we have it all over the place already):

If you reset your account and decide it was a mistake no one can get your data back for you. It’s gone forever, even to us. Don’t reset your account unless you’re absolutely sure it’s what you want.

That is all, happy resetting everyone!


Wait, it deletes your notes and synonyms too? O.O (That’s scary!)
You can’t just reset only vocab and kanji (but leave radicals alone)?

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It deletes everything above the level you’d like to be reset to. And no, you can’t just delete some items and not others.

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Was that the case even when emailing in?

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Yup. It’s exactly the same.

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Oh wow…
Because that was my plan all along… Get to level 60 and then go back and restart from somewhere low… 1-15 and do it all again without radicals.

… Hmm…

Although with the revamp to radicals coming, maybe I won’t feel that’s as much of an issue. Hmm… But to lose the notes and synonyms too is really scary…

Time to start looking more seriously at that resurrection manager/self study userscript that I think​ rfindley came up with a while back…


Thanks for the answer, Kristen.
I’m sure this will be very helpful for most people!

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I can see a new form of studying emerging, where people reset a few levels back when they’re starting to accumulate a backlog.

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People have definitely already been doing this. Just through us instead of on their own.

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You earwormed me with Danger Zone. So I shall share.


This was us the whole time we were planning it:


Oh my, that’s great!

I did create a new account when after a half a year of procrastinating I returned and was smashed by reviews and the fact that I’ve forgotten every thing to the last bit. It was a 3 lvl acc, tho, so it’s not like I was loosing much.

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Fantastic! Probably won’t ever use it again, but I’m glad I have the option. Thanks!

Neat. The longer I use WK, the more I can see myself getting lifetime and resetting back to like level 15 or something after I’ve reached 60.


That’s what I’ve been considering as well. But it would be nice to then change it to only review vocab at that point imo.

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What is this “radical revamp” of which you speak?

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If you go to any of the threads from the last few months where someone complains about the radicals you’ll usually find Kristen telling us that they’re working on restructuring the radicals and rewriting thousands of mnemonics to make them more consistent/logical/etc.


I can totally see how this could be useful. I’m only on level 3, but I do have a life time account. And, in the future (2-3 years ), I can see myself wanting to review kanji, etc.


Oh great, just as we’re getting close to levels where radicals taper off. :cry:

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@anon20839864 do you think that radical revamp will be complete before next year?

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I sure hope so, or I’m doing something very wrong.