WaniKani thinks I'm typing in romaji

I’ve recently noticed that when cycling options of characters in typing (pressing the spacebar), whenever I try to cycle to katakana characters, if I cycle into an English suggestion, WaniKani thinks I’m typing in romaji, then changes whatever the English suggestion was into hiragana.

If I were to type “きー” and try to cycle to “キー”, I’d move past “Key”, then WaniKani changes that to “けy”.

Or if I were to type “びー” and try to cycle to “ビー”, I’d move past “Be”, then WaniKani changes that to “べ”

I’m using Gboard on an android, and whenever cycling through the suggestions (pressing the spacebar), it gives a preview of those characters in the textbox, which I believe is what’s causing the issue.

My solution to this would be to have a toggle to turn off romaji in WaniKani.
I don’t know if this will get added, though, because I don’t think many other people are having the same issue as me.

(Thanks @d-hermit)


This thread dealt with similar problem and might be helpful.
I would also suggest reading the Typing in Japanese again (if you’ve already read it before).


This thread

I’d rather cycle with the spacebar instead of tapping the suggestion myself…


There’s… a few unusual things going on in this thread. WaniKani has its own IME, and usually expects answers in hiragana. The WK IME doesn’t cycle through options when you push space, it just adds spaces. You don’t need to use Gboard, WaniKani does all the work.


I prefer the 12 Key style of Gboard. Personally, it’s much faster and easier.
(I also like to put in answers with katakana.)

It’s the most straightforward to just type using an english layout, because you can type meanings easily and wk converts your romaji spellings to kana.

Btw, there’s no “n” in romaji (ローマ字).


@Belthazar and @d-hermit, the only Japanese keyboard for android wanikani actually recommending is Gboard, the one that @Kyoko-Kirigiri is using, and you really supposed to be able to toggle between options using the space bar there, no idea why it doesn’t work for them :woman_shrugging:.

Never used english layout for Japanese, always Japanese, both mobile and desktop. I guess it’s a matter of personal preference.

Maybe WaniKani is still not mobile-optimized enough. Like, Kana Chart dropdown should also be 12-key. Bigger buttons for a small screen would be better in any case. I would normally swipe in 4 directions.

I think WaniKani defaults to Hiragana OK, but Katakana only sometimes.

Not sure if WaniKani likes having IME suggestions in any Japanese keyboard.

On mobile I use 12キー in Smouldering Durtles which has a couple useful tweaks for that (automatically switch between en and jp input for meanings and readings respectively in particular).

On PC I just deactivate my IME and use wanikani’s instead, it’s too frustrating otherwise. I don’t understand why you need to use the spacebar at all given that WK wants kana-only answers.

I know that it wants Kana only answers, but I use the spacebar to cycle to Katakana (since I can’t input Katakana directly using Gboard.) Even though it’s not needed, I try and answer everything as correctly as possible.

I personally always set up my IMEs to output katakana if I type uppercase characters. This is useful, since the alternative behaviour is it typing uppercase roman letters, which isn’t needed most of the time.

I need to specify, I am using the 12 Key layout.

The only way to get katakana characters is through the suggestion bar.

Ah, with that the fastest method will always be getting used to picking suggestions. And that way it won’t go through english first

Guess I’ll just have to deal with it, then…

There must be like 20 vocabulary items with katakana over the entire course, I understand your frustration but it’s really not worth messing with input methods over it.

Unless you insist on inputting onyomi with katakana but that’s a level of masochism I can’t fathom…

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For what it’s worth, I’ve never entered/submitted katakana and that hasn’t seemed to be a problem (though I may be misunderstanding some of the context here); I just submit answers in hiragana either input directly myself or by entering romaji and letting WaniKani convert it. There’s a lot of variation between platforms and input methods though, so there’s certainly been a lot of room for me to confuse myself! :sweat_smile:

And submitting romaji, of course, wouldn’t really work because then so much would be ambiguous, e.g. whether “kinen” is 禁煙 or 記念 – in situations where I do need to use romaji this always trips me up. :laughing:

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