How do I get rid of the romaji on the hiragana keyboard?

Hey everyone! I just learned all the Hiragana and Katakana characters and now im moving on to Kanji. My only issue though is when I try to use the keyboard on wanikani all the Hiragana characters have romaji under them. In order to practice reading Hiragana I want to get rid of that romaji, is there a way I can do that?

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Do you mean the input method (r + o = ろ) or do you see the actual letters?
This is what it looks like for me:

Do you maybe have some browser extension that does that?

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@vanfem Snoobro is using the clickable kana input instead of the typical keyboard,it sounds like. This one:

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Yes that’s exactly what im using. I tried using a japenese keyboard on my phone, but since I have to switch between hiragana and romaji (to type definitions) I found it troublesome.

This is probably possible with a user script or something, but I would just recommend practicing hiragana by just reading things in Japanese. When you’re practicing kanji you’re practicing kanji, and using romaji to type in Japanese is something that you shouldn’t assume is a bad habit or anything.

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Ah, I thought “keyboard” referred to the hardware.

If you were using PC you could work around it with a one-time query like $('#kana-chart ul li').css('color','#fff'), but I’m not sure how to help you on the phone.

What about standard Japanese IME? I use latin alphabet on my phone for both definitions and readings.

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Ah I get you :slight_smile: I practice a lot by reading too, ill look up short stories or go on Japenese forums and try and read everything. I just thought it would be a bad habit if I typed using romaji, but if you say its fine then ill just continue as it is now.


Ohhh I see what you mean. I usually use my computer for Wanikani, I’m just on my phone temporarily. This is actually useful! The Japenese IMEs on my phone aren’t really what im looking for. One of them is strictly Hiragana with no romaji, and the other only has romaji. Either way I’ll just use the query you posted or use a Japanese IME on PC once I get back on my computer.

@Snoobro just in case this isn’t obvious, most users of WK are just using their computer or phone to type romaji from their regular English keyboard. So I type “ro” and WaniKani automatically changes it to ろ, etc. when the answer is expected to be in Japanese.

I use my Japanese keyboard on my phone other places, but on WK it just slows me down.


Oh yeah I wasn’t aware of that. I thought everyone was using Japenese keyboards. I’m new to Wanikani so I’m still getting used to everything, but as I use it more I’m getting more and more familiar with everything :))


I had to be told when I started too. It is much faster, and definitely worth considering, at least when you have 100+ reviews in a pile :sweat_smile:

Oh yeah I’m sure it is! I’m not getting that many reviews at the moment, but I can definitely see a Japenese keyboard getting difficult in the future. Right now I decided to listen to everyone’s advice so I’m just using a normal keyboard on WaniKani :smile:

If you have an iPhone, the app Tsurukame can automatically switch between Japanese and English keyboards depending on whether it’s a reading or meaning card. I’m not totally sure, but I think the app Flaming Durtles for Android can do the same thing.

(On the phone, Japanese keyboards are way easier for me, because I’m less likely to make typos. u, i, and o are so close together!)

Even most Japanese people use romaji to type Japanese on their computers, so it’s nothing to worry about. On phones, flick keyboard is probably the most common.

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Oh yeah I wasnt aware of that until now :sweat_smile: The romaji keyboard is definitely much easier, especially on pcs. Even on my phone the default japenese keyboard is a romaji one, I had to download the flick keyboard separately. I’m glad I wasn’t doing it wrong :))

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