Gifting WaniKani Subscription


Event over. Thank you for your wonderful emails. As soon as I get something worked out with WK staff, the ones I emailed will receive their gift.

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I am going to gift a few monthly subscriptions to some members on the forums.
Koichi said that “If you email us we can get it done manually, but there’s no built in way to do it (yet”

Send me an email at Event Over if you are interested.

Please do this if these 4 criteria fit you.

  1. You don’t have a lot of extra income and you really want to use WK. (Like, you don’t eat sometimes because you need to pay your WK subscription.)
  2. You plan on sticking with Japanese for the long haul. (Idiom)
  3. You like my sense of humour.

Please put in the email why you’d like to be considered and I’ll choose by week’s end.



If these 4 criteria fit you

Posts three.


Also, look at you with your fancy custom email


I will take 7.

(You’re such a nice guy :sparkling_heart:)



The 4th criterion was noticing that there were only 3 listed. You passed.


I’m just here to say that you’re awesome <3 @alexbeldan


*nods in agreement*



You have your own website as well. Why don’t you do it?? :thinking:


Extra money / lack of effort

I’ll do it at some point


I guess it depends on your host. *oh well


I was hosting my own for a while, but switched to Squarespace because I’m too lazy for actually doing things and they go through gmail for private mail so it’s like $99 pa so I cannot be bothered


Does squarespace prevent you from modifying the dns records? Gmail/G Suite is only like $5/month if you set it up yourself.



I should probably look at that once I’m back at uni and have more time, thanks!


You’re doing an awesome thing here :slight_smile:


I’ve only had 1 person request a gift… :cry:

Why won’t you let me give stuff away?!?!


Well, I buy yearly so… otherwise I would


Are you still doing this? D: I already sent an email.



Ayyyy, @alexbeldan! You finally have takers!