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Hi there,
during the last 10 days approximately I found an overall slowing of the site. Weeks ago, typically this was due to the amount of user scripts installed, but after the wanikani update, that broke the majority of them, this can not be the reason anymore. The slowness occurs both when loading the dashboard, but also when doing reviews (I got only 1 script active in reviews, that is double check). In particular, this last script needs 10-20-30 s to load.

Does anyone have the same problem, or has an idea of what could be the cause?


I do find that there are some times that it feels like the reviews are stalling a little bit mid batch and that lesson keystrokes don’t go through particularly fast.

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My dashboard has been quite slow to load the last 2-3 days, but I haven’t personally noticed reviews loading slowly.

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my dashboard is taking ages to load, that’s gotten a little worse, but it’s been the case for a while.

what’s taken a sharp turn to the worse is when starting reviews.

in both cases the fault is almost certainly with the userscripts, but it’s very annoying. and i’m not sure what to do

which scripts do you have installed? maybe the problem is one of them (especially for reviews)

The new version of WaniKani loads in stages: First it tries to draw the page with cached data, which is supposed to make it look like it’s finished loading very quickly. But then it fetches additional data (depending on which page you are on) to update the screen with up-to-date info, and it’s not always obvious when that second step is done. I’ve noticed a few times in the last week or two that the second step was taking a while. (I’m not seeing that problem right now, though).

Double-Check waits for WK to finish the final loading step before it installs the Double-Check buttons, so that can make it seem like Double-Check is loading very slowly, when it’s actually WK.

I think the best way to tell is to open the Developer Tools (press F12), click on the Network tab, and look at the ‘waterfall’ section to see when WK is actually done loading.


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