This pop up on wanikani page - "Loading Data..."

So I have alwayss used scripts with WK and never had this problem.

Now it gets stuck showing this pop up screen like this.

Any script that is not working or anything else? I already cleared all history and cookies from firefox and still like this. Even during reviews.

Mine always looks like this. It’s definitely one of your scripts. It’ll either load after a time or if you feel it’s too slow, you can reload the page.

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I tried reloading the page and same yet.


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You might be hitting the ‘rate limit’ for queries to the server. Try letting it load for 60 seconds, even if it doesn’t look like it’s making progress. If it succeeds, it probably won’t have to reread everything next time.

If that doesn’t help, there could be an error. In that case, try clearing cache and reload. If it’s still not working, it might be worth deleting your API key and generating a new one. I think there were several people who were getting CORS errors (in the Javascript console) that were resolved with a new API key.


I think there’s some issue with the api because mine is also loading really slow, on my laptop and desktop. I let it sit for quite a while and it never loaded, refreshed the page once and it instantly loaded, refresh again and it doesn’t load

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did a fresh install for firefox and installed one by one the scripts, the problem is with

WaniKani Kanji Review Vocabulary List

when active, the pop up windows stays on all the time, when off, the pop up window loads and disappears as intended.

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