WaniKani should add an interactive guide

We get a lot of questions on the forum for how to use the site, especially about how lessons and reviews work (“wrap up” button, what to do when there is more than one reading, etc.). Perhaps WaniKani should add an interactive guide (like a Walk Me) for new users.


Gotta admit, someone asked about the wrap-up button very recently and I was glad they did because I too had no idea what it was about. I just didn’t want to ask because I didn’t want to annoy people with questions they had probably already answered a dozen times before.
So yes, I think this is a great idea.

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i think i have about level 18 before i realised…oops

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… can’t wait for it to end up like the FAQ.

I wish there was an official guide that talked about ideal review load numbers.
Like: “If you want to go fast, do this many reviews a day, until you get this many apprentice items”.
Or: “Try to never exceed 500 gurus and 150 apprentice. Make sure to keep the gurus lower than master.” Etc.


stares nervously at my gurus and masters pile

stares nervously at my apprentice pile

stares nervously at my life spiralling down into chaos and disarray


Stares nervously at your live spiralling into chaos and then notices how much of a car wreck mine is, too


There’s a thread titled “New People Questions!” that’s perfect for this kind of thing. I still ask about stuff in there so I don’t have to feel as guilty.

I wouldn’t mind an interactive guide, but somehow I have no faith in users to get through it and actually pay attention to what they’re supposed to be learning.


Just realized.

At level 51.


That’s a really good suggestion.

I wonder, since WaniKani is already gamified, if for new users (and not people resetting to level 1 also), the first Lesson could be like a video game walk-through/tutorial, while you’re learning the first 5 (default setting) radicals… and perhaps also on the first set of 5 reviews 4 hours later (2? it’s sped up now right?). Arrows and animations going “click here” and “this button does this” with “OK” buttons to click, and it waiting to see if you do certain things… (like the Discourse walkthrough that you can do in the sandbox and meta, but is disabled because it uses PMs in our forum). “Click the eye to see more info.” “OK.” … and then if you don’t click the eye, you just can’t keep doing that first lesson, if you click anything else “Click the eye to see more info”…

… EDIT: Although, that said, being babied like that would’ve driven me crazy… I had no problem with the site (but didn’t learn about the Wrap Up button until level 4 or 5, I think…? It wasn’t right away…)… Felt intuitive (enough) to me.


don’t feel so bad now!

There’s a wrap up button??

It’s the best thing ever!

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