[Suggestion] New users onboarding via tutorials

Hello world o7
I love Kaniwani and how seamless the learing process is. Crabigator blessed us with many interesting functions, which unfortunatelly, aren’t up-front explained to users. And not everyone reads help section. At least not at first.

After full 3 levels I just understood what that little clock button does on left hand side of Review UI page! Whole this time I thought it was some counter for correct answers streak. Turns out is a limiter for review session, so you can just review 10 items and come back later. Now I no longer feel overwhelmed when reviews pile up! I wish I knew about it sooner.

So I would like to propose a suggestion to Tofugu company for adding some interactive tutorial/walkthrough through the app. Like e.g. when user lands for the very first time on review page, show him/her some modal boxes or tooltips explaining what does some functionality does.

Some business mumbo-jumbo:

i feel like Wanikani does not communicate its features clearly enough. I am afraid it negatively influence coversion rate from free user to subscribed user as cool feature arent advertised enough.

Bounce rate also increases since frustrated and overwhelmed users do not know that they can just take a small chunk of reviews at a time. Or maybe I am just not that bright? ^^

User experiance would be better if there would be some clever way of explaining to user what does a ambigious button do (maybe tooltip upon long hoverover?)


Hell, I would even consider some A/B testing if Backend is supporting that. I would love to test it since I am Quality Assurance Engineer, that would be fun ^^

Another point for your list of “not clearly advertised things” :wink: :
The forums are not actively monitored by the staff, so if you want to reach out to them, I’d suggest sending them an email at hello@wanikani.com - you can refer to this post in the email. There are other ways to reach out to them, like pinging them in the thread or chatting to them, but I feel email might be preferable. (If you disagree, then please use the other means!)

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Makes sense :grinning:
My way of thinking was: if there is a dedicated category for Feedback, that must mean that some Tofugu staff is looking at it sometimes. Also I wanted to start this topic and see what other crabigatorists thing about that and if they got similar things to add here and let the convo rolling:wink:

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That’s really something that I don’t understand either, but the staff mentioned often that they don’t monitor the forums at all - not even threads they know should contain highly relevant information, like the Feedback section, the Bugs section or the “worst typos” thread :woman_shrugging:

Oh I see - I misinterpreted your “propose a suggestion to Tofugu” as directly addressing them (and only them), sorry about that!
While I’m at it, I also sometimes wonder how the user experience of a given software can be improved and how its features can be communicated clearly without annoying the user, so my opinion is it would probably be worth a try :slight_smile:

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Thanks @NicoleIsEnough , didn’t know that Feedback is also not monitored :see_no_evil:
In this case: By the power of mentioning, I summon thou @TofuguKanae !
(I am to lazy to write a proper mail, sorry :wink:)


Using @Mods is more effective :wink:

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We do have this idea already but it’s just been a bit hard to get to this when we have some other big projects with higher priority at the moment! We definitely want to make it easier for new people to use so hopefully we’ll revisit this soon.


Any hints about the stuff you guys are working on?

Sorry, nothing I can share at the moment but once we have something to share, we’ll let you know!

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