Wanikani screenshots 📸


I’m so glad I had added that synonym.
And you should too. Do it now.


precisely because of that scenario i added synonyms to all radicals that are also kanji themselves.


@Naphthelene @shikaji Exactly what happened with “toe”. Eventually renamed it to “to”. Now all I type is “toe”.



… welcome back from vacation mode!



Happened upon this - not sure how it’s triggered.
I was resurrecting a few items in a row and it showed up in place of the “X has been resurrected!” message.


When you request a page or action that doesn’t exist, or that you’re not allowed to see/do, you get redirected to the homepage, and that message comes up. Think of it as a catch-all error message.


Gotcha. It’s one of few catch-all error messages I’ve seen that manages to be so soothing.


The dangers taking a break for awhile:





At least you got back! Just gotta get back to the normal pace and you will be good to go.


I normally don’t post after review screenshots, but this was a good one.



No. No you didn’t.


never leveled up so gracefully before :smile:
last painful level!


finally made a dent in my lessons after a few days, aghh
had a pretty decent review session though

but thanks to the magic of timing I have 8 million reviews to do

send help


I went to a conference for work this week-end. I remembered to set WaniKani on vacation mode, but I forgot KaniWani.

This was one rough session. I’d rather not do that too often. :anguished:



Love having days like these :expressionless:


Hard gay always yelling sei!!


What all scripts are you using? Your UI looks great!


I made it to level 6! And I have 64 new things to learn and I have to go to work in 30 minutes… :sweat:
I am seriously thinking of doing these lessons at work…


I wonder if I should add the synonym “trick” to this…