Wanikani screenshots 📸


Thanks everyone for the feedbacks, they have been very helpful :bowing_man:


I think that would have been helpful if I learned 月立ち… but I don’t remember having learned that word :thinking:
Arguably better than an ambiguous mnemonic because the い doesn’t appear in that mnemonic at all (two touches -> つたつ / つたち). Do people even use the reading ついたち for 一日 ?


It’s basically a completely different word meaning the first day of the month. 月立ち is not a word (anymore), but yeah, it sure would have been helpful for WK to use it as the mnemonic instead of “touching”. I learned it from this etymology dictionary.


I guarantee that a month ago I would have gotten the majority of these wrong. I was so worried I was going to regret my decision to reset but stuff like this is all the proof I need to know I did the right thing. I had over 100 leeches from these levels previously. Now I have three, two of which have been typos on my part! Feels good :slight_smile:


Funny story, two days ago, for the first time, I discovered there was a “Lessons” Tab on KaniWani. I’d always seen it and clicked on it, but it always said something like “Nothing to see here” or something like that. But I never noticed that the button moves over to the top right of the screen for you to start lessons. Up until this point I was just doing five or six reviews whenever it let me. o.o

Not too bad for a sick man :thinking:


task + thing/action = errand/business




I keep forgetting that one too


Welcome, level 8!
After 12 days (lvl5) and 18 days (lvl6), it’s really disappointing to see that lvl7 took me 54 days. But it can’t really be helped, as I had to finish university and write a bachelor thesis, haha…

Now I’m back on track, and freed the first 50ish Lessons. But I had to stop, as my apprentice items are >200 and there’s still a hefty backlog of reviews… 少しずつ, advancing bit by bit!

Let’s see how the duration of lvl8 will turn out, as I will be flying to japan on the 27th :smiley:



What WK at work looks like after a long weekend.



jumps up and down

0-0- oh, wait…


Ah, I hope my new mnemonic story for 用事 will work well in the long run. Here’s how I remember it: An elephant, but its head is Yoga’s head, is doing an errand successfully.

Yoga is my friend. I often heard him talking on the phone answering his clients while working at our office. He got 50 times much more money from his business than his monthly salary.

I, the boss, let him do that because Yoga is the only one who can do his job perfectly.

I also found this post helpful. From this manga.

I use these two stories to help me memorise 用事’s meaning. So, my imagination about my friend Yoga being an elephant executive is kind of twisted.

edit 1: 9 days later


I think WaniKani might be trying to tell us something. :thinking:


I managed to reach exactly 5000 burns yesterday. I took this screenshot before doing more reviews so it wouldn’t mess up my perfect number.


I guess you can find when I was in vacation.


Looks like I got 99 problems lessons but a review ain’t one



At least you took a vacation… I didn’t


looks like a geode to me