Wanikani reorder ultimate 2 down



For about a week now my “Wanikani reorder ultimate 2” script has not been working… When I go to reviews it always downloads (with percentages) before stopping at 100% and stays frozen like that without showing the usual options and all.

This is what is written exactly: WKU::Please Wait::Currently updating UID list… 100%

I tried to activate and deactivate the script but it doesn’t work… Any advice?

Update: Actually even my Wanikani reviews themselves (even when deactivating the script app completely) is weird too! It will work for 2 words and then when I enter the answer it just vibrates and is not accepted (like when you put the other reading of a kanji). Help!


I believe I had this exact issue, and I ended up installing WaniKani Open Framework to fix it. As soon as I did that, it was working fine once more.

Actually, looking back, I think I installed that and then also reinstalled the reorder script.


Updated version for temporary fix for the UID errors:

I had the same problems with the loading error message, but then I installed the version above and it’s been working perfectly for me ^^


And actually, an even newer version:

[ v2.2.4 ]


started having this problem today, still trying to figure out a solution, not good when i’m trying to catch up again and have 1600+ reviews. trying to do them in order of level so i don’t get too confused on mnemonics


uninstalled all scripts, reinstalled and now it’s working /shrug who knows what broke the script.


Unfortunately it still doesn’t work properly for me.

Just uninstalled every script I was using, now only testing the WK framework with the latest version of the Reorder Script 2.2.4

The sorting feature just doesn’t work no matter how many times I try it.

Any help much appreciated.


Have you configured the priorities by tipping the scales on the left and right? (Or just the right, I think, if you’re on the lessons page).


Thank you!!! Never touched the scales :slight_smile: It finally works.