WaniKani /played

Total days played: 500 days
Days played this level: 70 days
Hours spent using WaniKani: 1200+ hours (50 days)

500 days went by so quick, time blurred by hours of my eyes glued to my screen analysing reviews and lessons. Worth :thinking:?


So, was it?


Congratulations! I bet that sense of accomplishment is a great feeling! What are you going to do with all your new found knowledge? =)

Items learned buddy!

You’ll ding 61 at least one day before me. ずるい!

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What will actually happen next half a year?

Mochi Taiyaki! for everyone.

While we’re at it, (and not meaning to hijack), any other forum grandpas around?
In my day we had to walk 10 miles to go burn our turtles, in the snow, through a hurricane.

Excluding staff, curious who has the oldest Start Date.
@BreadstickNinja mayhaps?

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@Ryouki I think so XD

Learn 120 technology topics or experience the learning of 2000 Kanji and 6000 vocab enable me to read Japanese :slight_smile:

@polv 500 days for 500 points of Grammar XD

Thanks exspecially for the 1200 hours +. Recently there was a post around here, claiming finishing WK would only take about 260 hours…

260 hours sounds alright if we’re thinking 4-5 hours per level. Feasible if you brute force through content.

But it all depends on your learning style, I spend a lot of hours on lessons with my own mnemonics, whereas some people will just power through with brute force and get them done in minutes.

I would have spent 1000 hours for level 60 with my pace.

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I imagine that 260 hour estimate is taking something like a 5 or so second average response time for reviews. I can see that being reasonable. It’s hard to quantify any other time you spend on the site, and the lessons themselves are a small part of the overall time, even if they individually take longer. Once something is in apprentice, it’s not necessary to keep reviewing it outside of WK.

Brute force makes it sound like they’re using the ignore script to mark wrong answers right or something. I don’t really know what is meant by that if that’s not what is meant.

I don’t really feel like I’m using “brute force” when I read what is written on the page and then answer accordingly. Is there something brutish about that?

Yeah. Brute force is my way of describing someone who does lessons like reviews. They look at the meaning and reading and move on, no mnemonics. They’ll forget the bunch of them by the first review, but the reviews will keep frequently coming until they finally recognise it.

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Not making your own mnemonics isn’t really the same as using no mnemonics, but I guess you weren’t trying to imply that dichotomy. I use the WK mnemonics when I don’t know the word, and have about a 97% accuracy, which isn’t anything amazing (I mostly blame WK’s lack of synonyms in the later levels), but it’s not bad.

A lot of people would kill for 97% accuracy…

I’m not in 97% Accuracy club either XD

I’m not as bad as I though, it turns out. I feel like I make at least 3% typos. However one have to take into account that the total accuracy is a more optimistic number than the SRS progress accuracy (since you have to get both meaning and reading right in order to progress).

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