Level 60 Brief Retrospective


After a little more than 2 years I have reached level 60 and it feels great. A lot has changed for me in the last 2 years, and I really believe Wanikani being part of my daily routine has been a solid habit to enable progress in other areas of my life.

I have a little bit of vocab and the level 60 Kanji to wrap up, but I think this is the best time to celebrate the achievement.

My advice to anyone still grinding:

  1. 10-15 Lessons a day goes far when done consistently and is much easier to maintain

  2. When you’re really feeling the workload (getting busy in other areas in life, or 400+ reviews a day that are just draining you) it’s best to cut off lessons for a couple weeks and stabilize back to a good amount of reviews

  3. Userscripts are extremely useful, this is one of the best threads on this site: My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 ) - #2 by jprspereira and the section on userscripts offers a lot of value. The Wanikani context script to add sentences for the term you’re reviewing is awesome. Definitely check those out

  4. Immerse more! It helps so much, and I wish I had more time to do it during the last 2 years. It will be one of my main focuses going forward

  5. Don’t be afraid to focus on other resources at times, Wanikani is great but I think at a certain point (especially after level 30) you will gain more “key knowledge” per hour in other studies

Here are charts of my lessons and reviews over the time of my account

Here are some statistics:

Time spent Reviewing (I think these are pretty accurate, but the iPhone app Tsurukame might count time reviewing a little bit differently):

But yeah that’s about all I had right now. I think my plan once I get all my lessons done and I’m down to less that 100 reviews a day is to really get into reading, listening, and speaking. Might get a tutor to help guide my learning, but for tonight I’m gonna enjoy this victory with a Sapporo in hand

I appreciate you reading through this, I hope you make it to level 60 too!


Congrats on making it to the top! :grin: :clap: :tada:

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