Android Keyboard without kanji suggestions for Wanikani

Hello everyone

I’ve been using Wanikani on my Android phone for a while and it has been great. I am having just one issue with the keyboard, which is how the autocorrect and kanji suggestions easily exploit the whole purpose of learning the correct readings of each kanji and vocabulary

To be more specific, I am using the 12-key keyboard, and I would like to keep using it as it feels like a much more natural way to type in japanese than using the qwerty to kana conversion. The issue with that is that, every time I type the reading of a vocab or kanji, the keyboard immediately gives me a list of suggestions that often tell me if I’m right or wrong before I even confirm my answer, and more than once I changed my reply based on that, which honestly feels like pure cheating.

I have found many suggestions online for other keyboard apps such as simeji and swiftkey, but I couldn’t disable the suggestions in any of them, and if I can’t do that, I’d rather just keep using the default keyboard which works great.

It would be great to know of any suggestions to solve my problem. Qwerty solves it, but I would prefer to find a solution that sticks to the 12-key layout.

Thank you!

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You’re just using the WK website on mobile correct? Have you tried an app?

Flaming Durtles is good and has ways to disable the auto suggestions. Also, you can use the built in ENG->JPN function if you want to avoid the Japanese keyboard.


Actually I am using the Flamming Turtles app. I am aware of it’s option to force password on readings, but all it does is force me to use the qwerty keyboard.

Upon closer inspection though, while it doesn’t work with Gboard and Swiftkey, it did work with Simeji, so I guess it does solve my problem

I’ll just see if I can find a less shady app to use, but thanks for the help!

I use Swiftkey and Flaming Durtles, and I haven’t had any issues with predictive text :thinking:


Ohh, forgive my stupidity, it does work with swiftkey as well! That solves everything, I’ll start using it from now on. Thanks!

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Glad I could help :+1:

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