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Hi fellow learners,

I’m kind of new to WaniKani, just started today my premium plan after reaching level 4, and I was wondering if there’s any resource available (webpage, app, Anki deck, or any other) for learning non-kanji words. I know we all want to know kanji, but I don’t want to get lost in a middle of a sentence because I just know the kanji and not many kana words. I wanted to focus on other learning resources as well, to complement my WaniKani studies. I have many other apps to know vocabulary, but none of them focuses on this aspect, and I would just end up overlapping many words I already know from studying kanji.

Now, because I’m new to Japanese, only been studying for over a month, maybe I’m just missing the point. Maybe it’s not that important and I’ll end up adding kana words to my vocabulary from just natural reading.

Anyway, thanks for your help.


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I would use and just build up vocabulary from what you read :slight_smile:

I found that they have a topic for commonly-written kana words (#uk), but it’s a little different from non-kanji words, because there are words in that list that use kanji but are commonly written in kana, hence the difference.

I’d like to find something that used a flash card system or something similar to WaniKani. That would be great.

I think almost all words except onomatopoeia and some adverbs have kanji. Even foreign words like アメリカ can have kanji. :slight_smile:


If you want something similar to Wanikani, I would use Anki :slight_smile: It’s like Wanikani but you make your own study sets.
Hope that helps!


Thanks for the resources. It does help, so I don’t focus too much on just kanji. I’ve also bought some Japanese readers to practice my reading.


Going through a intro textbook like genki will gove you alot of the most common words. There are anki decks that have been made with all the genki vocab.
Also the vocab lists for N5 N4 will contain the basic 1000 or so words. There are also vocabulary training books (for the JLPT levels). There are also anki decks made for the JLPT levels as well, so an N5 deck will have all of that vocabulary.
this for example:


If you want a WK style resoure, alot of people like

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Thank you very much for the suggestions. I’ll definitely look into these.

About, I registered but they aren’t taking any new members right now. I am on a waiting list or something like that.

WaniKani and KameSame are doing wonders for me, so a similar resource would be amazing.

Have you heard of Yomichan? I love this plugin. It’s a little Japanese hover-dictionary for your browser and will translate all sorts of words for you, including kana-only words. You can also connect it to Anki so that whatever you look up can be thrown into your own custom deck.

I thought Kitsun is in open beta now, so if you’re waiting for a while on your invite you might want to pop into this thread and talk to the developer.

Besides that, there’s also quite a few Japanese vocab courses on Memrise.

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Thanks. I’ll try Yomichan.
I also left a message on that thread.

Cheers :wink:

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