WaniKani New Glitches

Well, with a new overhaul comes new glitches… i present the most obvious one for me. right from the front of my dashboard.

I get the same “0 kanji Guru’d = ~5% of total Kanji” in all browsers.

Anyone else noticed anything new?

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I think they’d prefer to be emailed about any issues after the new update so that they can keep track of what needs to be fixed

Of course there’s nothing wrong with discussing any new issues that come up either ^^


Thank you, that is a good point, (and I have now done so.) i hadn’t even read that thread yet (thought it was still the previous one.) so shame on me for not reading the stuff provided by the WK team. In the interim, it doesn’t hurt to have a thread for people like me to come and pointed to that. Thanks MiisMisc.

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Haha no you’re fine, just thought I’d mentioned it as to make sure the WK team can see it and address it as well :slightly_smiling_face:

But yeah, this can be a good place to come to and see if anyone else is having similar issues and/or discuss =) & no problem!

Also of note, their listed tool for the radicals isn’t perfect… five out of my six “upcoming radicals” I’m already learning words with them in it… .A couple I’ve even Guru’d, most I’m still on apprentice. So it’s a good idea to double-check your “upcoming” list in case any stand out as. (One of my apprentice words affected is a leach for me… so re-learning the radical might help me remember it better.)

The bar isn’t lying, thankfully! 皮 moved from level 4 to 5, and you’d already gurud that one on level 4. :slight_smile:


Ah, that would make sense. Thanks for the heads up.

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