Massive glitch: Do any lesson

This has probably been posted already, but I thought I might as well post it.

After this recent update, I found a glitch that allows you to do a lesson for any item at any item.

This is a level 47 kanji, and I’m level 17.

Doing this is quite simple, you just have to modify the lesson url with for the IDs of the items you want to learn. For example, the one I used here was:

You can even do this for items that you’ve already learned. I’m not sure what happens if you go through with the lessons, and I’m not testing it. This should probably be fixed soon.


Could you clarify how to modify the lesson url? I am not understanding.

I went through with a lesson but it doesn’t actually unlock the item.

(no additional reviews today and not unlocked on item page)


also completed the lessons and can agree that nothing is actually unlocked or added to reviews. interesting find, though!

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The URL has numbers in it corresponding to the lesson items, you just change those

I wonder what happens if you do a lesson on a previous item?

Here’s the url:蛮. Didn’t work for me. But there’s no unlocking, so I don’t care. Interesting!

Tried with burned as well as active item: nothing, sadly :smile:

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So this glitch doesn’t actually affect anything. Oh well!

Imagine if you could actually skip to later levels, though. That would definitely be super busted.

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Same here, I confirm the bug.

It’s pretty nice for userscript / extension -making purpose, IMO. Also equally nice that it has no effect.

Nonetheless, I feel like spoiling the URL query params in usual lessons isn’t a good idea in general. (Are Mods trying to lure questions?)


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