New thing happening.... eehh?

So I remember an email coming in saying WaniKani was gonna nerf the lessons and all… but I don’t want to go slower, this is my 3rd time through WaniKani and I REALLY don’t need it to be slow, in fact I wish I could speed things up and maybe completely ignore certain things… you know like radicals, certain kanji and vocab that I know like the back of my hand (or maybe even better than the back of my hand… oh man!! That’s cray!).

Anyway, I remember an “advanced” button or something, where is that? I checked a few places in my account area but I don’t see that. I just want to do my stuff broskis, where be ma stuff to do the stuff!

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The advanced button, a direct link to the lesson picker, is right on your lesson button :slight_smile:



I don’t have that. I know I have more kanji and what not to learn I can see that part, and having done this a few times through I know sort of how the levels go… but yeah you’d think a big image like that would be available being I’m being stopped from doing any extra lessons >_<

I appreciate the screenshot to know what it should look like, but yeah, I’m missing something. Maybe I need to deactivate some of my extra plugins or something?

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Do you have lessons in your lesson queue? The advanced button won’t show up if you did all of your available lessons (not just the daily ones).

When I went to go do my lessons that image had not shown up… BUT. I did just try another browser, and now different images are showing up.

Not sure why Firefox is giving me trouble.

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That is weird, because I’m using firefox myself :thinking:

Sort of thinking it’s a plugin or something that’s causing an issue. I might just be doing my lessons on Brave and my reviews on Firefox shrug.

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Perhaps try disabling the scripts? Honestly, I don’t think that’s the reason as well, because I have quite a few scripts myself lol


But perhaps you missed an important update for one of them? I reckon that this could be possible, since the WK UI got updated recently :thinking:


Hey!!! Look at that…

Nice save there buddy ol’ pal, much appreciated!


Happy to have helped :slight_smile: