Took a bit of a break

Hello everyone,
I took a bit of a break from WaniKani and when I came back I was so overwhelmed that I reset myself to level 2. While I was on level 3 I guru’d quite a few of the kanji on a review session and got up to 82%. Suddenly I find myself on level 4 with a bunch of lessons to do. My question to the community is has the percentage changed to level up or is my memory faulty? I was pretty sure it was 90% to level up… ( even checked the faq before posting too, that says 90).

I’m like 99.9% sure it hasn’t…

They haven’t announced any changes. Can you take a screenshot of your level 3 kanji? Like this, except yours won’t be all burned.

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They’ve moved some kanji between levels, which might be involved in a glitch behind the scenes or something. I know I’m still getting reviews for 農 and related words despite them removing the kanji. I don’t mind since it’s still useful and they’re not leeches for me, but maybe it’s something conflicting between your reset and them moving stuff around.

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It’s been a day or two since I leveled up so not sure how useful seeing the kanji list now will be but here it is.

Ah… well, I guess my question is how do you know you were at 82%?

You’re saying you leveled up without completing a review session? You finished a review session at 82% of level 3 kanji guru’d, came back later without doing any reviews, and it was at level 4?

On the dashboard after I finished my review the kanji progression said 82%. Next time I looked I was level 4 without doing any additional reviews. Before the review I think I was only 30ish through the progression.

Well… as I said, they announced no other changes, and no one else has reported teleporting to higher levels, so without manually checking the status of those items from 2 days ago, I don’t think there’s anything you can do to determine it.

I feel like it’s more likely that the dashboard didn’t show the updated percentage as opposed to your level going up without guruing 90% of the kanji, but there’s no way to know.

Does seem likely it was simply an error with displaying the correct percentage. Thanks everyone for your help :slight_smile:

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