WaniKani lessons session expires and ruins the fun

Hello! I’m having a lot of fun using WaniKani. One huge damper on that fun is when I’m spending half an hour writing new radicals/kanji/vocabulary and my session expires. When I’ve gotten through two in the quiz and it resets, it gives me two new items to learn and I can’t resume the same quiz. This occurs regardless of whether I’ve answered both meaning and reading or if I’ve only touched this item once.

This is really annoying and takes away the gratification at the end of learning 5 new items.

If this is not the correct avenue to request a fix, please let me know the correct way.


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You should send the Wanikani staff an email at hello@wanikani.com. They are not monitoring the forum closely enough to be sure this request will reach them.


So the session timeout is actually just an overlay, so if you disable it, you won’t get timed out.

I made a script to prevent it from appearing, but you may be able to just do what was done in the post linked, and disable it via adblock. I don’t know if anyone has provided instructions on how to do that though.

I don’t think I actually published my script since it’s like 2 lines of code


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