Wanikani Kindle

Hi Everyone!

I have been reading with my kindle lately and was wondering if there was any way to add the furigana for words I haven’t seen in wanikani. For example, I upload my kindle file onto a website that connects to my wanikani account and goes through each page, adding furigana to every word I haven’t guru’d. The Kindle has a dictionary option, but I like the idea of a more streamlined reading experience. I don’t know if this is even feasible without manually going through, but thought I’d ask just in case.

This would be fantastic, although a Japanese dictionary on the kindle that didn’t suck might be a more realistic goal.

Tangoristo has be advertising a new feature that allows you to drop in any Japanese text or link and do Furigana based on Jlpt level. It’s not currently working for me though.

Do you think the Japanese dictionary on Kindle is bad? Is it the Japanese-English or Japanese-Japanese dictionary? I don’t have a Kindle so I’m thinking of getting one, but if the dictionary is bad then probably not.

Both the Japanese and and Japanese English dictionaries are good when they work but it struggles a lot with conjugated verbs and adjectives. It also rarely returns a result for single kanji and never if you select more characters than match the word definition. Kindle app on the iPhone is better in that it uses Bing translate as well as its own dictionary which works a lot better