Looking for an addon/api/thing

Hey, i was wondering if this was still a thing. I found it originally in 2013. It was an addon of some sorts. What it did, it would take the Kanji and vocabulary that you already learned, and transformed the page to change the words you knew into kanji.

So for example, you would be randomly reading a page in 英語 and then boom random 日本語, will just appear. (Sorry couldnt think of a better example)

So is this still a thing or?

Something like this?

I haven’t tried it nor am I convinced it’s a good idea - I think it would be more effective to try reading kanji in the real context of original Japanese web pages. But you can give it a shot and see if you like it.

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Ah thank you :D. But yeah this is exactly what i was looking for. Yeah it is kinda a hit and miss, but it is kinda nice slowly seeing words turn into japanese. Wish they also had one that’ll work with grammar and tenses, but this is a nice stepping stone <3