Any Amazon Kindle e-reader user here?

I just bought an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and I wonder if there is any thirdparty to let me review my kanjis from WaniKani on it?
Also, the Kindle has a experimental browser on it but the website doesn’t fit well on it. It would be good if the website could load a style (css) that fits on Kindle devices. I can help if needed.

In the meanwhile, if you also have any recommendation of e-books to have to learn japanese, I will appreciate it.

I don’t know about books that will help you learn Japanese, but I know that amazon has kindle editions of all of the Harry Potter books in Japanese.

 WK on Kindle Paperwhite...  that would be painful :-)   I found it bad enough just on a nice sized Android tablet, but then I don't live life on mobile, so that probably makes a significant difference.  ^_^

Anyway.. nope, no Paperwhite 3rd-party for WK.

I tried to use my Kindle (well, my wifes) to read Japanese books, but everything I try to read, I get an error message saying its not compatible with my device.  At first I thought the older Kindle couldn’t handle double byte characters.  But after failing on the first few, I finally added one whose title was in Japanese and the title displayed fine (the others were all ‘such and such[Japanese edition]’)

I’m don’t remember completely, but I think I had to install a language pack to be able to read books in Japanese. For reference purposes, I have the first edition Kindle Fire.

Thank you for your answer.

I have a japanese Kindle Paperwhite so I didn’t get any problem reading japanese books.
Do book like Harry Potter have furigana? As they also target young people…

I’m going to take a look to the kindle SDK, check if I can easily make an app using the WaniKani api.
Or just making a simple website with a black & white design, compatible with the Kindle browser, to review the kanjis.

You can read japanese books there, it’s just very hard to find them (unless you use a japanese amazon account).

Using wanikani on it sounds like a terrible idea. It might work (it has a browser after all, but even so it will be incredibly slow, not just to load the pages, but also to type.

I’m living in Japan so no problem to find the books. Just concerned if books like Harry Potter have furigana. 

I think I will give a try, making a proto and see how it goes. Just by curiosity.

FYI, as a web developer and happy Kindle owner (for reading books), the Kindle Browser is practically useless. It can only handle really simple text pages (for example, wikipedia) - anything that is remotely dynamic will be a painful if even remotely functional experience. The device just isn’t capable of handling modern web standards.

My copy is Pottermore. It doesn’t have furigana for all of the kanji, but it does for some of them. I’ve finding that most of the kanji that do not have furigana are ones that I’ve already learned here, but as Arkascha said, there is a lot of specialized vocabulary, so I often find that I don’t know the correct readings even when I know all of the kanji in one of those words.

It’s definitely not easy for me to read, but I’m reading it along with a friend of mine in Tokyo. We both have an English and Japanese copy, so we read from both books when we meet on skype. It’s slow going, but I enjoy the instant feedback if I read kanji incorrectly, or if I just don’t know it.

Arkascha, any other recommended books, edited for children, I could read?
I’m now starting the Little Prince in Japanese.