Looking for ebook or app: Japanese to Japanese dictionary

Any suggestions of a Japanse to Japanese dictionary that is sold as an app or ebook format? I am looking for a dictionary in ebook format or an app in which is easy to search and zoom the text (something like Kindle).

Sanseidou Kokugojiten seems promising. Has anyone used it on an ipad? Can you zoom or change the font size?

Do you have a kindle? If so, I’m pretty sure can get 大辞泉(だいじせん) on there as one of the built in ones i.e. free of charge. Useful for doing word lookups in Japanese ebooks as well.

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I use the Kindle app on an ipad. I notice that in books with Japanese text, there is a built-in dictionary but can I manually input words to it? Or does it only translate words from the ebook you have open?

On the kindle itself at least, if you go into your library, the dictionary appears as a separate book, and if you open it, it allows you to do an index based search. Not 100% sure about the kindle app, but maybe have a look and see if there’s something similar?

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Thank you! It work! I clicked a link and then it loaded the 大辞泉!But the weirdest thing is that the Daijisen does not appear in my Library. I have click in some Japanese word in some other ebook in order to launch it.

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