Wanikani is too gameified - why can't I burn turtles all day every day

Apparently I’m so addicted to WK that the thought of going on a two week long family trip without any internet or access to reviews is dampening my enthusiasm for the trip itself. Any advice for how to keep my knowledge fresh and not be overwhelmed by reviews when I return? (I’ve already stopped doing new lessons and plan to turn on vacation mode when I leave.)


I‘m not sure if I want to support you in your obsession and I can of course totally not relate… :woman_shrugging:

That being said: you could download a WaniKani Anki deck and enable only the cards for your lost recent levels. Anki works fine without an internet connection, there is just no sync.

I don’t know about the WK apps (Tsukurame? maybe others) with offline support, I never tried them.


You can stay home and do your reviews. I’ll go on the vacation trip with your family. Deal?

(I’m sure your family will be thrilled to go on vacation with Nicolas Cage)


Ah, the CrabiGator has your soul firmly in their pincers~ :fire: :crabigator: :fire:

You say you have no internet connection, but will there be power? If you have an Android phone, you could download something like Kanji Tree. You can practice with recognition, reading, and writing if you feel like it.

If you have neither power nor internet, the only thing I can think of is printing the kanji and / or vocab of your most recent levels. Those items will be in the most crucial SRS stages, so you can go with the old fashioned method of covering part of the page and testing yourself.

Whether you find a way to bring the Crabigator along, or whether you end up leaving it all be for a week, I hope you will all end up having an amazing trip. :smiley:


You could do some leech traning. Here is a handy leech detector:


Then make an anki deck and keep reviewing them for the trip! :wink:

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(Seriously though, I hope you have a great trip!)


I present you these shamans to RELEASE your soul from their jail!! BE FREE!! FREEDOM!!!


No internet in The States is hard for me to digest. Scratches my head. Screeches @Whologist . G’ah! Anyway, have a nice and safe family trip! Those s-SHAMAN said it again: FREEDOM!!!


No internet does not necessarily mean no internet reception. People could also just voluntarily turn off their wi-fi. Also, if you go to some areas of the Grand Canyon or the Appalachian Trail, reception could get choppy.


If you have iOS just download tsurukame, and you’ll be able to review offline :slight_smile:


Excellent! I’m sure they will be!
Just be sure to pack sunscreen, bug spray, your tick removal tool of choice,
a hand fan, scuzzy swim trunks for the pond, 14 hours worth of kids music for the car, work clothes since you’ll be helping the old Amish dudes they hired to build the barn, your own coffee paraphernalia, etc., etc…

Yeah, no power either and I don’t own a smartphone, so I figure something like this will have to be the real solution - I guess I just wanted to do a little bellyaching in my own dedicated thread :sweat_smile: Printing sounds like a good idea since it would take less time then copying them all down by hand and I’ll be busy this week before we go.

Thanks for the well-wishes everyone! :smile:

Those are cute わにs @Oshin :grinning: Thanks!


Enjoying the great outdoors with @Saruko’s family


Minus the gun, and this picture is way too accurate :sweat_smile:


Yeah, sorry about the gun. It’s only there in case you guys want to help me steal the Declaration of Independence.


Whelp, I’ll be busy with reviews, so I’ll have to leave that decision up to hubby and kids :joy:


What about something like a book? Or if you can find short stories that you can print out. You can download yourself an offline dictionary app, and spend time reading. It’s a great way to apply and reinforce your current knowledge while learning new things at the same time, too!
Reading out loud, memorizing, there’s a lot you can do with just a few short passages as well. Have fun on your trip!!


Am I the only one who can never figure out what any of the information means in the leech detector chart? I pretty much cant figure out how to read any of the info in the chart (except the kanji and vocab of course). But what does the order mean, what is “T” (and R and M?). Under Wrong, does that just say how many times I’ve gotten it wrong, and isn’t it sorta irrelevant if it’s not comparing it to how many times I’ve gotten it right? And for the “score”, what is the top score? I don’t know what to compare myself too.

Sorry if this is all so obvious. I just feel like a total idiot whenever I look at that thing!

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If this were my trip and had personal time for reading, I would stop all lesson several weeks in advance. I just bought this book based on a recent recommendation and has a lot of useful words with a perfect chance to read it without a WK distraction (plus get my eyes on paper rather than a screen). I also have some other pleasure reading that I’ve only skimmed but would like to read a bit more. Either way, enjoy your time off and have fun with everyone! The review pile when you come back is just a number to enthusiastically dive back into.


To be honest it took me a while to figure it out too!

The order it’s starting with your worst leeches at the top.

The “T” I believe it means type of leech, and “M” for meaning and “R” for reading.

Wrong is number of times wrong.

I’m not entirely sure of what the score calculation actually is. I think it’s some kind of average based on the wrong number versus your correct streak. But basically the higher the score the more you suck at that item, and that’s enough information for me :joy:

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This is a very good point! Maybe I will take my Genki 2 with workbook because I do enjoy that, it’s just not as fun as WK. And it’s not as heavy/bulky as pleasure reading + dictionary + kanji dictionary.

If I have time before we go, I’m also planning to copy down my apprentice and guru level items from WKstats.


I recently posted this to create a Jisho list in your Jisho account from WK stats fairly quickly. I believe you can then download the list but I haven’t tried it yet (if you want offline review or a physical copy since you won’t have an internet connection).

I’ve also found the Benkyou app super helpful for offline reviews as well.