What WaniKani tips would you give to yourself if you could travel back in time?


Just making conversation for fun.

If I could travel back and talk to myself, I’d probably tell me that it’s ok to go slowly. That I’ll learn what I have to at the rate I have to, and that WaniKani never was, is or will be about speed or amazing accuracy rates, as much as it is about sitting down, being disciplined and constant, and learning.

What would you say to you?

Any tips for someone just starting out?

I’d tell myself to supplement WK with grammar sooner :upside_down_face:


Hmmm. That’s a hard one.

Maybe “Don’t wait until the very last day of the lifetime sale, then forget about it and wake up the next day frantically going on WaniKani to see if the sale is still on, then be relieved that the sale is still on and realize school starts in a few minutes then rush to school and hope the sale is still on during lunchtime and cry because it’s not.”

Yeah, that seems like an appropriate thing to say to 1-month-ago-me. Other than that, I guess nothing since I’ve just started my WaniKani journey ¯_(ツ)_/¯


“Don’t do 100 lessons at once, tomato. It’s not worth it. Never worth it.”

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Doing 200

Don’t what now


Don’t do all your new level lessons at once. Just…don’t. Also, try to batch your reviews (ie, don’t do a review session of 1 item…I used to do that, but I don’t anymore, and now I’m stuck trying to corral all my old items into more regular review times lol)


Learn how to fly. Learn how to manipulate objects with your mind…oh whoops wanikani tips…don:t go on the forum…you will be trapped forever in a fun place with no exits…


rip Daru

You will be missed

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Once I got so busy with school and work I stopped doing reviews for a month, without knowing that such thing as a vacation mode existed, so I had 200+ reviews for like a week. It was hell, but I made it!


You dropped this \


On one hand I would want to convince myself not to stop, but then I may not have gotten to know some of the people on here. I would probably tell myself not to let lessons pile up. Let it get wayyyy outta hand.


oh, that’s where it went! Thank you, kind soul!

But for real ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I just copy and paste it and the slash doesn’t appear T~T


You have to use three of them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You did it!! :tada:

That’s good practice for the higher levels though because it’s gonna be hell too if you’re not used to having 150+ reviews a day. D:

Keep up the good work! :grin: :tomato:


The +42 is so misleading. Like, oh it couldn’t be that many…



Cheating isn’t the same as learning.


killing people is usually wrong

EDIT oh shoot, wrong thread again…


Read the FAQ.


Bookmark the statistics site and install the ultimate timeline plugin.


Messing with people by randomly changing thread names is fun!