Wanikani is ruthless


You are literally god if that’s true and you’re handling it fine.


I’m like at most a demi-god. The true gods are @jprspereira who manage a 6d 20h schedule with no interruptions :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, thanks for the kind words, but my craziness didn’t take me to do 6d20h levels :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a solid 7d :3


Re: your updated avi





Here’s me in a photo with THE SHEEP:




btw, that image reminded me of this song


This is so amazing :sob:


While Japanese may be more difficult because of kanji, learning a second language is not that easy. Not many people are bilingual and many that I have met learned both as children.
Learning as a adult takes alot more effort and discipline.
And level 60 is only the start, there are tons of kana words and grammar that you have to learn as well as listening/speaking skills.
I guess as long as you keep working at it you will make it sooner or late.


Sometimes you can stop doing reviews and bake a cake. Sometimes.


y-you’re so amazing! :durtle_love:


You can always stop doing reviews and bake me a cake. Always.


Oh okay, SOR-RY, I didn’t know you were a CAKE DOCTOR. :roll_eyes:


While the reviews and lessons certainly pile up at the beginning of a level and the first two days are time-consuming, I feel I could go a lot faster. I think my accuracy is about 98%+. Yes, I’m complaining about it being slow at level 9. (I’m a masochist?) But then maybe I wouldn’t have time for the gym or video games… however, I’d be pretty damn fluent in a few months otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:



I am learning 日本語 just for fun which is kind of a double-edged sword: on the one hand, you have no pressure so you can take your time to do it at your own pace. On the other hand, you have no pressure so you do it at your own pace.
The only frustration that I feel [so far] is with myself when I don’t pay enough attention to the kanji and mix up 六つ and 立つ for example. I enjoy that I can make as many mistakes as it takes for me to finally memorize the kanji/vocab/pronunciation etc. So instead of considering WK ruthless I consider it to be patient with my mistakes.
For me, learning Japanese is more like a retirement fund - I keep adding to it until I can, one day, reap the harvest of a long-term commitment.
Also, こんにちは everyone, since this is my first post!


Currently digging myself out of a pit of 1300 reviews (I left wanikani for like…a month) at level 11. Brutal, but doable, especially if you add the script that sorts the review in ascending order (apprentice first, then guru, etc) which is helping me chip away at them. Currently at 800some, and still managing to get better at the level 11 kanji and radicals so when my review backlog is cleared I can start a new level basically on time.

But yeah, I got there by trying to push myself to go too fast and there are days where I just…can’t. My advice is not to miss a day, but accept you won’t always get to 0. Try to just do 10 maybe, and then you’ll find you did 50 and that’s over half of them, and you’ll be fine.

FInding ~10 day levels much much easier than the 7-8 day levels. Whew.


I think pacing yourself is important. I have to learn another language for work so now I have two languages to study plus my other hobby which is huge and takes up the rest of my time! :slight_smile: I wouldn’t have it any other way though! And WaniKani seriously helps me at least do some Japanese every day.




Best advice I read on here once: WaniKani is not a game.

It’s true. It’s hard to get out of the mindset of levelling up here as fast as you can like this is an awesome JRPG but this is learning and you gotta take the time to learn!