Wanikani is ruthless


7 day levels?? Wouldn’t you forget half of the information?


7 day levels do not make you forget half the information. Key is to spend enough time on lessons, to make mnemonics that are good enough. It’s also key to not cheat and genuinely learn from your mistakes.

Currently I’m at 8 days per level and I retain more than 95% of information per level after a few weeks.


It’s right next to my name and profile picture, 8 :stuck_out_tongue:


If people saw me doing lesson, they’d think I’m completly crazy, talking to myself, moving my arms all around, being shocked that a doughnut killed my while riding me scooter with sound effects, oh boy, but if it works, then it’s worth it.


To be fair, it’s often wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


I took the months of December and January off after the JLPT. I came back to 600 reviews. I learned my lesson and now I’m back to daily reviews. Just pace yourself - sometimes I won’t open up the new lessons right away if I feel like that’s too much. Slow and steady! You can do it!


How many reviews you get each day depends on how many apprentice and guru items you have, largely. (Apprentice being the most important factor). You’ll get hit with a larger than average review every now and then when items are about to get enlightened or burned but that’s not as often.

If you have perfect accuracy, you will have similar amounts of reviews regardless of your level. If you go slowly and wait until your apprentice items are in the range of 100 - 150, your reviews should be kept manageable; provided you actually do them daily anyway.

If you skip days, it’s easy to land yourself with 1,000 reviews in the higher levels. :cold_sweat:

Personally, I have around 130 apprentice items and get around that many reviews in a day …I think. But since I already did these levels and reset, they’re easy for me and I don’t have any issues. Most mistakes are typos from using a phone. :’) But I would definitely keep my apprentice items at 100 once I get to items I don’t know well. (150 max)


I kinda see Wanikani, or learning anything hard for that matter, as a way of weeding out the people who don’t actually want to learn. It takes a long time to get to level 60 regardless of how fast you go. I went pretty close to full speed and it still took me about a year and three months to get to 60. If people aren’t willing to spend their time and money on something that is difficult then they probably didn’t want to learn it anyways.


^ This. My record was 1700+ reviews. I think practically every non-burned items were in it that time.


No I think I got to level 60 with like 94% accuracy. Like I said, I think a big part really is how you go about the learning.


Japanese is a hard mistress. If you don’t do reviews all day, everyday, you’ll end up forgetting everything you learned.

… And I’m talking from personal experience here. :sweat_smile:



Japanese is a soft kitten :slight_smile:


I wish we could help jays, but jays won’t listen. :frowning:


It can be both :wink:


Very true :slight_smile:


But we are almost there :crossed_fingers:


You and me we’re in this together!


Just hit Level 13 and got a dump of 400 after two days of a break. Took me four days to clean out of that. I just stop doing lessons until I get to 0 reviews in queue and that seems to throttle it back for a bit. Also nothing hurts like missing a burn because you were trying to go too fast.


So far, my personal pacing has been 10-15 lessons twice per day and reviews as they come. Lessons are adjusted between 5 and 15 per session, depending on how much I see repetitive/already known/blatantly obvious things (like one this/two this/five this…) and how well I’m doing with the current Apprentice pile (like if I’m having trouble, I’ll generally slow down and put more focus onto my reviewed items).

So far, progress seems to be good and relatively quick. I’m not having many major errors, and I’m not feeling burned out, though my biggest concern is that my lessons pile grows rather quickly and I don’t want to leave it backed up for longer than I must.

Of course, I’m only on level 4/5. I expect it’ll get more difficult to keep up with reviews, or more difficult to keep lessons to 41-, fairly soon.


I’m sure… Even when you miss a level up or a Master because of that: it’s already pretty bad. :frowning: