Wanikani is ruthless


tsuideni, 15 min before lvl 12…
…(nurture was the last kanji)…
and with the power of mans of anime series and black metal…!!!
73 new lessons,

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There are lots of things that require practice every day (and just clearing out a review queue is pretty automatic–I don’t schedule myself to hit every review as soon as they come in for the fastest level-up times; I just to try to clear out all the reviews I have once a day). Language learning is one of them. So is playing an instrument, etc.

It is what it is. The most important thing is just to grind through it, even those times when you’ve let it sit for a day or two and piled up reviews. (You can either just do one longer session or let it naturally thin out over a few days.)

Also heavily behind the “it’s not a game” mindset. There are people who get lost in the gamification, targeting level-ups and a race to level 60 rather than just learning to read kanji, and I feel like they’re the ones who tend to burn out. It’s always okay to fail a review or go slower in WK, because it’s not a game. It’s just a really good tool for learning to read kanji. Your goal should be to not let it pass you on kanji you don’t really know–not to get your next level-up faster.

For full disclosure, my level-up speed after the first ten–minus one longer break–has been about two levels a month. Which I think is totally fine. Two-thousand kanji in even two-three years is still a ridiculously good pace, especially when you’re functionally literate about halfway through as long as you’ve been studying grammar too.


Run while you still caaaaan


Jesus and I thought 500 reviews was bad. I only had that when I decided I couldn’t handle it and did a reset.




Good god… I read all the threads and from the wanikani staff and they weren’t joking… I was complaining about not having enough to do. But now I see myself being piled up with a lot of reviews, slowly and slowly when I have to add SO MUCH vocab in the mix. I personally believe with the level I’m at. The radicals are so easy to remember and even the Kanji.

Because each level has 30-40 Kanji to learn for every level. But the amount of vocab for each level. Oh man it’s literally a hundred or more for almost every level now! I’m only… level six? I just now started complaining and thinking it’s painful! But I am passionate about Japanese culture! I want to read things. I WANT TO EMBRACE THE CULTURE!!!




Learning is a game. When it stops being a game, you stop learning.
(oops, I sounded quite opinionated there :slight_smile: )


That’s what I think too! :durtjovahs_witness:

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I find the lessons are so hard to get around to, with the reviews I’m like ok I think I remember these but if the lessons are completely new then my brain wants to implode


I knowwwwww!!!


You’re right, it’s super ruthless, even now as I’m supposedly in the ‘Paradise’ levels. I just try not to let other people’s pace get to me so I’ve been using WK longer than the expected 2 years.

On the other hand, there are some phases in my life when I have almost nothing to do so this becomes my lifeline to fight boredom, THEN I finish everything super fast hahaha

But yeah, the load can feel so burdensome. It’s just too terrible sometimes so I end up activating vacation mode.


If you don’t learn to manage the crabigator, the crabigator will manage you.
And then you will burn out, it will stop being fun, and you will stop learning. The best control you have is your lesson rate. You do do need to do the lessons when the crabigator tells you. Do the reviews when it tells you. Do the lessons when you are comfortable. Different things work for different people. Personally, my rules are “no lessons when more than 0 reviews, no lessons when more than 100 reviews in the next 24 hours, no lessons when more than 500 guru.” I’m not the fastest, but it’s still a decent rate - less than 2 weeks a level. I bumped to 16 a few days ago, but haven’t done a lesson since, because my 24-hour number has been too high. It’s conveniently been lowering by Guru count, too, which has been bumping up against 500 the past few weeks. I picked these after burning out, leaving Wanikani for 4 years, then slogging through only reviews for four months to catch back up.


Three years as the slow track? Haaaa, my friend. I am slower than you can imagine. Good thing there’s lifetime membership :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Don’t worry, I’m also almost 3 years by now (and also grateful for that lifetime membership lol).



Well perhaps the best thing to say is that WaniKani is not a race!

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This is a good strategy. I’ve been doing 40 turtles per session and if it’s less do some lessons. With 3 sessions per day. But I end up being inconsistent and not arsing to do the lessons.