Wanikani is ruthless


Just pay attention to that burn out feeling and slow down. (:

I also found that it’s easier (and not that much slower) to not devour 100 lessons the day they become available, but instead do it over several days. Even faster with reorder script I heard (I don’t use it though).


To be fair, I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure higher levels is correlated to knowing more kanji. I don’t think “the slower the better” is the best motto we could have.


I think that the pace that allows the individual to reach the finishing line is the best pace for that individual. For some people it’s faster; for others it’s a slower pace.


Much better!


People having their own paces in which they learn at. There are times i will get up to 180 items in my apprentice que which is generally the max I will allow as that puts me doing like 300 reviews a day which can be draining.

I have also seen people only allow 100 items in their apprentice que so they don’t get overwelmed. Then you have the crazies who have like 300 in their apprentice and are trying for 7 day levels. In reality this is not a race. Learn at what suits your pace and if you feel you have to many reviews right now, work through them and get your que down to a level that you can handle.


Anyone who has over 250 apprentice needs to stop doing lessons imo. When I was doing 7 day levels, I only had ~100 apprentice.

I will say, though. Oftentimes it seems like people with high apprentice also just aren’t properly learning and its not entirely because of their pace. Either they aren’t spending enough time on lessons, are trying to go through reviews too fast, not giving proper attention to incorrect reviews, and so on.


I like your way of thinking :smirk:


I lot of people have said it over the years, the most recent popular person that I know of that said it was Burnie Burns.


I’m getting this feeling quite heavily right now. The slog of 100+ reviews per day is really getting to me, especially when I have 90 lessons to do as well. Unfortunate to say but I have not been able to do more than 60 to 80 reviews a day (average) before I quit because I just don’t want to think about Japanese when there’s so much other stuff looming in the next days/weeks. This happened to me at the exact same time last semester as well where I had 6 levels in a row that took 14-23 days (I was going at a 10 day pace before) so maybe this is a cyclical thing.

Of course I’ll get through it, but I sure won’t enjoy it


I’m only at level 4, the reviews seem to be about 60/day. What are the reviews like for higher levels? 1000/day? or 100/hour? Just curious…



I did 7 day levels and had maybe 200-250 a day. It depends pretty greatly on your accuracy.


I’m tempted to print this and stick it on my wall.


Generally people tend to feel overwhelmed by more than 250 reviews a day. A lot of people consider anything more than 150 reviews a day too much. The nice thing about WK pacing though, is that doing reviews without doing any lessons for a few days will make the workload easier within a week, and it’s simple enough to decide to not do as many lessons when you feel you can’t handle as many reviews as you used to .

I don’t have ant hard stats, but I think that the master, enlightened and burn reviews add about 20% reviews each to your workload. In addition they feel harder than regular reviews (especially burn reviews, but enlightened reviews also suffer from that), and that can demotivate people.


Yeah, wait till you hit 18-23, if you are going max speed and/or your accuracy is not 95%+, you will be in a lot of trouble. Though WK has been particularly ruthless to me today. I reset my level to 4 recently, so that I could get a fresh start, I remembered all of level four no problem, so it was going to be a nice relaxing 7-8 days before I leveled up… and then…

Mega oof, gotta wait that excruciating extra day for going a little fast and doing しゃあ


Can confirm, I’m doing 7 day levels, I get around 170 reviews a day, I just started getting level 1 enlightened stuff, add the steady stream of 25 lesson a day when they get to master (A.K.A very soon), in 4 months add burn reviews, I can see it being around 200-250 easily


It won’t be more than a couple hundreds ish in my experience. The issue is when you started missing out reviews because of life (as happened to me twice). Reviews quickly piled and became demoralizing… So make sure that doesn’t happen to you. (:


This is a war and we are the soldiers.

War is between “WK is darn to slow” and “WK is ruthless” ppl.
Shouganai na!


Just do what you feel comfortable with, tbh. I’m personally going pretty quickly because I have very little else going on in my life right now and so the daily pile of reviews is a welcome mental workout.

My personal strategy for dealing with reviews is to just constantly have a WK tab open and check for reviews every hour when I’m able to. I generally wake up to about 50-60 reviews in the morning, which I’ll do while I drink some coffee, but the rest I do in smaller batches of about 5-20 throughout the day. Reviews feel pretty easy this way as long as I stay on top of 'em.


If it’s any help, I was using the Android app for ages until I found out how much faster I was on a PC. For some reason, even with predictive text it crawled.

Also, don’t stop for almost any reason! Gotta go? Take Wanikani with you!


Can I ask what level are you on now?