WaniKani input field getting stuck on hiragana?

Hi, occasionally when using WaniKani the input field gets stuck on hiragana input when I am trying to enter English definitions. I have my keyboard set on US English, it seems to be the input field in WaniKani itself that gets confused on the input type. It can sometimes really get stuck, I need to restart my browser to fix it and sometimes that doesn’t even do it.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions / work-arounds? I’m using Firefox.

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Potentially sounds like a case where WK is looking for the reading, rather than the meaning, since WK is designed to auto-convert input to hiragana during reading reviews. Perhaps if you see it happen again you could post a screenshot of the issue so we can better see.

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Thanks, it is when it’s asking for definition (not reading) but it acts as if it’s expecting a reading. I will post a screenshot next time I see it as you suggest!


Make sure you only have one WaniKani tab open at a time. Sometimes weird things happen when you have more than one open at a time.


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