WaniKani home page is broken for some reason

So my friend who just started WaniKani is currently seeing this:

Any clues? He already tried refreshing the page, clearing browser cache, rebooting etc.

Is he using any scripts? If worst comes to worst, he can probably use the preview site for a while.

He has just tried disabling all browser extensions and reloading the page, and he also tried the preview site, nothing worked.

Make sure you email these screenshots to hello@wanikani.com to report bugs quickly to the devs!


If they bring up the Javascript console does it have anything logged?

Yes, I’ve sent them an email, hopefully they’ll reply soon

Tell him to try another browser or device. It may be a rendering issue with an older OS.

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No, nothing

He says that it’s ok when viewing from the phone. He tried using Opera browser on the PC, it was the same.

Hmm. Then I’m somewhat confident it’s an issue with the older OS. Looks like this is a persistent issue (I heard of this here too: How's everyone like the new layout? - #76 by ashebobash).


I have exactly the same problem!!!

Also just started wanikani, and at start it was fine. But after my first session exactly the same happened.
And also on internet explorer…

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@oldbonsai you might want to look into this, or rather have the React team look into it

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Which version of IE? Don’t have WaniKani in compatibility mode or anything do you?

I dont even know I never use IE
I use Chrome, but when checking with IE it was exactly the same so it cannot only be the browser I guess

I’ve got the same problem. I’ve been using Wanikani for a few weeks now, and the homepage looked fine to me yesterday. I think something went wrong with implementing the new layout.

Chiming in to say I have the same issue! On both Google Chrome and Firefox, using a Mac.

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If you haven’t already, updating your browsers to the latest may help.

The older operating system could also be an issue. Looks like windows 7 or vista maybe? Microsoft has discontinued support for windows 7 as of January this year so would be a good idea to upgrade regardless for security reasons.

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I do have win 7…

The rest of the people with this problem as well?

What’s your OS?

Looks like it could be an OS issue :thinking: