WaniKani Heatmap not working help

Hey :),

I would like to use the heatmap on my Iphone. I follow all instructions but nothing is working.

I installed gear and installed it. I tried to set the path for Userscript but still nothing happens.

What did I do wrong?

I wasn’t aware that scripts worked on iPhones. Regardless, due to changes WK has made the Heatmap will only track reviews you do in the browser where it is installed. Also it does not show up before it has any reviews registered.


Ok thank you. If I understand it right, it is not working on iPhone?

I have the same problem on my computer. When I installed the tampermonkey or violentmonkey, and installed the heatmap code nothing changed.

Is there another step?

Ah sorry. I over read it. I have to do reviews first.

I think it’s broken, there’s another thread on it

It’s certainly less useful now, but it’s not broken


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