Heatmap does not work

I wanted to use wanikani heatmap but after downloading Tampermonkey and heatmap nothing happens. Maybe someone had the same problem and know how to solve it.


Prefacing this with the fact that I’m definitely not an API/Extension expert-

Sometime I believe earlier this year, WK made some changes to how the API works. This broke a number of extensions. I had thought some parts of Heatmap were still working, as long as you were using a single device+browser for WK…

Maybe someone else more in-the-know can eleborate?

@Kumirei was the one who developed the extension as far as I know… I’m also interested in if there’s any workarounds to the changes to make this function again. Thoughts?

yes, it does work. But there is no review history anymore.

meaning, the heatmap only works on 1 device and only from the moment of installation.there are no workarounds for this.

@frankey the lessons and reviews you’ve already done can’t be recreated. However, if you keep the script installed and do reviews and lessons, your heatmap will log your activity on the device you use. Also, don’t purge your browser history, as that would also clean the slate for the heatmap.

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Is it not showing up at all on the dash? it might be that you need to download Wanikani Open Framework, too


You need to install Wanikani Open Framework as detailed in the post above


@taiyousea @Kumirei After installing Wanikani Open Framework it worked perfectly. Thank you guys so much!

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