Wanikani heatmap extension not showing up

I have tried to install the WaniKani heatmap extension and it just does not show up on my dashboard at all. I’ve tried reinstalling it and WaniKani OpenFramework multiple times, tried removing adblock and changing my website permissions on WaniKani to allow everything, and restarted tampermonkey, but nothing seems to work. I don’t have many other WaniKani extensions running (pretty much just DoubleCheck), and tampermonkey says they are all enabled on the dashboard. I have on rare occasion seen the loading bar comp up, but the heatmap just never shows up. My console does have some errors but not entirely sure what they mean:

If anyone could help me that would be so greatly appreciated!!

EDIT: Looks like you have to do reviews & lessons after installing in order to get it to show up, like the first comment said.

It’s been a while since I installed it, but I seem to recall that I thought it wasn’t working when I first installed it because nothing shows up until you do your first lessons and/or reviews.

It doesn’t pull any history prior to installation. I’d imagine said information is likely not available from the WK APIs which would explain why, but in any case, it only tracks what you do since you installed it, and even then, only specifically on that browser.

Have you done any lessons or reviews since you installed it?

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I have definitely done lessons (literally just did a few just now to check), and I have done reviews but not since I’ve reinstalled it. Does reinstalling it wipe the data?

This is an aside but I’ve also had an issue with Tampermonkey’s sync userscripts across browsers. After I enabled that it kept removing the heatmap extension regardless of how many times I tried to sync it. Eventually I just disabled the browser sync and at least the heatmap extension script is staying persistent in tampermonkey now. Not sure if this would impact the reinstall/anything else but just wanted to put it out there.

Oh actually it seems like you need to do reviews AND lessons in order for it to show up. It worked this time, thank you!!

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Nice. I’m glad that was it and I’m sure identifying both will certainly help the next person who runs into that issue when searching the forum.

I couldn’t remember the exact details other than thinking it was broken too and that I didn’t have any lessons or reviews available at the time to do. Then I noticed it starting working after I did some my next round of reviews and lessons.

I guess it sort of makes sense why it might need both though since the script is probably not checking for empty data sets before attempting to access them which would cause it to throw an error when either one (or both) of them are empty.

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Yes, it wipes review data (not lesson data though). This is because Wanikani has still not fixed the API endpoint that allows us to retrieve historical review information after they disabled it due to performance concerns earlier this year. What this means is, your reviews for Heatmap will only be recorded on the device and browser profile its installed on – the info will not show up on other devices or browsers – and that if you ever clear site data (such that indexeddb for wanikani gets cleared) the review data will be lost.


Oh maybe that’s the reason why when I tried to enable Tampermonkey’s userscript browser sync it kept deleting Heatmap?

Does this mean if I install Heatmap on two different devices the heatmap data will be different on each device?

Thanks so much for the information btw! Super helpful.

Yes. If you do your reviews for a day on another device then they will only show up for that day on that specific device. If you do your reviews on a 3rd party mobile app, they won’t show up in any desktop browser with Heatmap.

The review cache that Heatmap uses and the Wanikani API don’t have anything to do with Tampermonkey sync. If it’s getting deleted, that to me sounds like whatever Tampermonkey is considering “the truth” doesn’t have Heatmap, so when you sync it removes Heatmap because it is not part of what it has saved as “the way it should be”.

And you’re very welcome :3

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Note that lessons will still sync between devices, even if reviews do not