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Hello everyone!

I have a small issue with WaniKani fonts. I did a clean install of my windows and my font switched to some weird chinese font (I think) while mine looked thicker. I looked around and found a forum mentioning that Wanikani draws the font in order. I noticed that in my pc I have the Meiryo and the Yu Gothic font but none of them appear.

I have attached 2 printscreens as a reference. Is there any way to get back my usual font?

Thank you very much!


Aye, they just changed the fonts to make the weight a bit lighter.


Omg! It’s been an hour I’m trying to download new fonts! Had a hard day and didn’t check the forum at all!
So I’m legit good right? :blush: :blush:

Thank you so much for the answer! I guess I will have to get used to them!


I like the change personally.

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Ye, it’s not bad! I just simply thought that it was some kind of mistake on my end. It’s only a matter of getting used to it now!

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